About us

Xplct Studios & GumShoe story:

Our story began back in May 2014. The team used to be made up from only two founders, Shaquille Gunther & Garezi Septara, we began elaborating menswear at a minor scale; back then we were only focusing on jackets, shirts, jeans, and basic sneakers.

Xplct was being produced in China until the year 2016, later on we expanded to bigger factories in Turkey and most recently to Portugal in 2018.

What we want:

Our mission is to create high quality and fashionable clothes that can be worn by everyone at an accessible price.


Xplct Studios recently launched a project named “The Gum Shoe”. This is a project that was created in partnership with IAmsterdam, Publics One, Gum Tec, and Xplct Studios. Our task was to create a product that would solve a problem that the city of Amsterdam and many cities around the world are dealing with right now. There are currently 1.5 million kilograms of chewing gum thrown in the streets per year, and It takes 20-25 years for the gum to decompose. Gum on the streets makes the cities look dirty and unappealing, while cleaning them creates huge expenses on the government. After meeting with our partners, we came up with a wearable and very fashionable solution, this is what we call: The Gum Shoe.

What is The Gum Shoe?

The Gum Shoe was thought of and designed in Amsterdam. The sole of our shoe is made from 30% chewing gum and 70% rubber. The upper part of the shoe is made from leather. We added the map of Amsterdam on the bottom to make it more iconic, there are currently two colors: Black with red characterizing Amsterdam, and pink mirroring bubblegum itself.

What's next?

Regarding further future plans, both Xplct Studios and The Gum Shoe are looking forward on selling to more than 70 stores in The Netherlands, and later on expanding to different countries in Europe like Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland.

Who have we worked with?

Some of the companies and organizations we have worked with in the last year (2018) include: Publics One, I Amsterdam, Gum Tec, Hudsons Bay.

Contact us!

For any business inquiries, contact us on:

[email protected]